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The Eco Group is a small team led by Patricia Chapman which facilitates a variety of environmental related activities both practical and spiritual which aim to have a positive influence on the behaviour of congregation members and users of the Church grounds and premises. The Group works closely with other Church Committees, particularly the Property Committee and reports regularly to the Congregational Board.  The Church has been successful in gaining three Eco Congregation Scotland Awards [most recently in August 2017].


The most significant project the Group has been involved with was the Refurbishment and Insulation Project in the Longcroft Halls which was fully funded through grants from the Climate Challenge Fund (£42,000) and the Landfill Trust (£38,000).  This has made the major contribution in reducing our energy consumption in the halls: 35% for electricity and 45% for gas – thereby generating cost savings in the region of £1,200 per annum.


The work of the Group is ongoing and would welcome any new members who feel they would like to contribute and bring some fresh ideas.


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